A Cover Song and Some Thoughts

I always get some sort of what they call a creative block. I usually take time to process and evaluate stuff that's going on in my life that I can't seem to focus on several things at once. 

I never really opened up about other aspects of my life here on the blog, but I might as well share snippets of my thoughts and what I go through. I started blogging back when Multiply was still alive. For those who don't know, it's also a social media platform like Facebook. But after a few years, it finally said goodbye to the world wide web because of the wave of the impact that Facebook brought to almost all corners of the world! Back then life was simple, and people don't really care much of the little things. Fast forward to today, most if not all people tend to move toward a more curated life on the internet. Tons of influencers are emerging from everywhere, and I feel that everything needs to be almost perfect all the time. 

I'd like to be raw and real. That reminds me of why I created my brand in the first place. It started as my last graduation project for school, and I eventually posted it on my blog. Although life and another roller coaster of emotions happened, I had a handful of attempts in relaunching my brand, but due to other factors in my life, I had to move away from one of my passion projects.  

Anyway, I'm posting another cover song here because I get my mind off things when I sing. Hope you like it! Do comment down below and let me know your thoughts! 

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